Chris Botti at the Crest Theatre

Since we saw Chris Botti in San Francisco at SF Jazz and he put on a great concert, we couldn’t resist and had to purchase tickets to see him in Sacramento.  He was playing at the Crest Theatre in downtown Sacramento.  We went with our friends Stephanie and Gus, who also saw Botti in SF with us.  Always a great time with them and who can pass up a Chris Botti concert.  Special Guests were Sy Smith and Carolyn Campbell (violinist).

Sy Smith

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Trip to LA to see Renate/Disneyland

We met Renate on our first scuba diving trip to Indonesia.  We have kept in touch with her and Toigier ever since.  She contacted me and said she was coming to LA in February, so Scott and I booked ourselves a weekend in LA for a visit.  We hung out and over some breakfast, we decided to hit up Disneyland since Renate had never been.  Here are a few photos from the day!

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Chris Botti SF Jazz/8 Year Anniversary Weekend

Since we had seen Chris Botti in the past and he puts on one hell of a performance, we couldn’t help but go see him again at SF Jazz.  It also happened to be our 8th Anniversary weekend, so we indulged.  Stephanie and Gus also purchased tickets to see Chris Botti, so we enjoyed the evening with fine food and good friends!

We got a night room with a view.

Our beautiful hotel.. The Fairmont.  There is a great story behind this hotel for Scott’s parents.  This is where they went on their honeymoon ___ years ago.  Below you will see the receipt that Scott still has from a scrapbook that his mom made of their honeymoon photos and souvenirs.    

This receipt was in the scrapbook.  Look at those prices back in _____.  When we checked into the hotel, we asked if we could get repeat pricing.  The hotel staff was amazed at the receipt and asked to keep it.  Good thing we had a copy.  They unfortunately were not so inclined to give us this room rate.  But check out the cost for room ($6.00 per night) and parking too ($0.75 per night).

We went and visited the Tonga Room.  This is actually where Scott and I went for our first date, to San Francisco and the Tonga Room.

Our room with a view..

Chris Botti himself.. doing what he does best!

The AMAZING Sandy Cameron!  She really is a badass violin player!  

And the seats weren’t too shabby either! 🙂

Cy Smith!  What a voice this one has on her!

Sad to leave as San Francisco is always fun, eclectic and holds a special place… Until next time SF!

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Super Moon

In November there was a Super Moon.  November 14 presents the moon’s closest encounter with Earth in over 68 years, since January 26, 1948. The full moon on November 14, 2016, will feature the closest full moon (356,509 kilometers) until November 25, 2034 (356,448 kilometers)!

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The Kitchen.. The Ultimate Dining Experience

The Kitchen.. What can I say… Being one of the Top 100 Restaurants in America in 2016, I would have to agree.  Between the Farm to Fork, the 4 hour experience, to be able to wander in and out of the kitchen, to helping prepare the courses, to having seconds if you choose, to knowing the chef (a friend of a friend), it was an experience to remember (as you can see for yourself in the photos).  Enjoy and don’t drool too much looking at these photos.  

BTW, if you want to make reservations, it will probably be Thanksgiving before you can get one as they book 6 months in advance.

Chef Kelly

I think Steph was in heaven!



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SeaCliff State Beach Camping

We try and get reservations every 6 months… it is getting harder and harder to make reservations but we got in again!

Not too many photos this trip.. must’ve been too busy enjoying the view..

I think the beach is Emma’s favorite place!

And Chloe’s


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Mather Air Show 2016

The Mather Air Show comes to our own backyard every year.  We get front row seats to the action.  This year, the Blue Angels presented themselves.  This doesn’t happen very often so it was a treat!




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Nevada County Woodriders 2016

Each year, we go attend the Nevada County Woodriders on their adventure into the Sierra’s.  They put together tracks for you to upload to your GPS to follow.  There usually is a beginner route and an advanced.  This time, there was an advanced and an expert, so I guess we have no choice than to go with advanced :/ 

This was some of the crew before taking off on Saturday morning…  Briefing!

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IceHouse/Lake Davis Camping with Gus and Stephanie

We are always up in the area of Lake Davis but have never actually stayed on the lake.  Now is the time!

Chloe, Cayman and Little Miss Gracie!

Chloe having a bath

Out on the Hobie’s

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Clio’s Rivers Edge Camping with Jill and Justina

We went to our favorite campground in Clio’s (Graeagle).  Jill and Justina were able to pay a visit and stay with us and explore some of the country.

Cayman and Chloe in their usual comfy spots!

We went for a little walk to the river…

Lap dog

A little trip and hike to Sardine Lake with Jill and Justina!  

Jill loves the water… even if it is cold!

We took a little hike to a small waterfall and had a little buffet next to the water

Justina exploring!


Jilly Bean playing in the water!

Scott and I took a dirt bike ride up in the mountains and came across this railroad track that looked like would be some great photography.

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