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From Wind Creek to Petit Jean with a little detour

Posted by on November 6, 2012

We took a long hike before heading out. Decided to act like a kid again 🙂

The leaves are changing and are beautiful.

After stopping for more supplies, we were on our way.  Beautiful scenery in the south.

We had already planned on going to the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum.  The GPS decided to take us the shortest route to Barber.  We did not realize the GPS would take us down such a narrow road.  We were a little concerned but the signs said Semi trucks were allowed, so we took our chances.  We are really glad we did.

We arrived at the Barber Museum at about 1pm.  This museum has a collection of over 750 vintage and modern motorcycles and as well as a substantial collection of Lotus and other race cars.  See the story behind Barber here.

MV Agusta

1956 Lotus-Eleven Sports Racer

The tree of motorcycles

The elevator to get to the 6 stories

Vintage Parilla

Racing the Porsche Panamara on the speedway.

Vintage Maserati

1933 BMW R4

A Bultaco (this is for you Larry)

Loved this quote!

Ferrari Dino

Vespa and Cushmans


1943 BMW R75 3×2- the Nazi’s used it for desert battle as part of Rommel’s Afrika Korps (see below for description)


This was our behind the scenes tour.  We were on our way out and one of the guys in management was walking by.  We asked if it was possible to see the bottom level.  He actually said yes and said we had 5 minutes of his time.  He took us below and gave us the full tour.  We saw both motorcycles and cars being renovated back to their original condition.  It was absolutely amazing.

After Barber, we headed to Petit Jean State Park.  This unfortunately would be a LONG drive.  We would not get in until 2am.


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  1. Chick

    scott this was a great blog ! My God you guys look like you have had the time of your lives. Catch up with you on the forum. Will meet you at WCM this year I hope. Super photos and finding this in a reply to Anti-Hero Dennis was a welcome suprise.

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