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Bodega Bay Weekend

Posted by on January 3, 2014

New Years Week in Northern California has proven to be a very unusual weather pattern and given us the opportunity for some great weather on the coast. Time to load up the RV with the doggies and head to the beach!

The trip may have begun uneventful but as we started to approach Petaluma a knuckle-headed gal ran into our RV.  After hitting us she yelled out of her car “it’s just a scratch, don’t worry about it”.  Of course we were soon to discover she had no insurance and no dinero so with the local Police on the scene we sorted our options and moved on to better things.

Here is the “scratch”:

photo 1-2

An uninsured motorist decides to side swipe us.

Arriving at the campground,we settled in and went to find some dinner. There was a place just 3 minutes from the campground called Terrapin Creek that had some very tasty food. I had the lamb.

photo 2-2

And this is why we do it! We woke up to a beautiful morning on Bodega Bay:

Some time with the doggies in the sun before heading out to see the whales heading south to give birth:

P1010677 P1010681

Taking the doggies on a walk along the beach, they loved it of course:P1010676


Time to jump on the motorcycle and head to the ocean. We had outstanding crab sandwiches at the Spud Point Crab Co. The food was really great and we slipped in while the line wasn’t too crazy however just after we got our food there were probably 20 or more people lined up.

photo 4 photo 5

When we arrived at the ocean we learned we had spent about 20 minutes too long enjoying the sunshine at the campground, the fog had just rolled in and the last whales were spotted about 20 minutes before. They were breeching right off shore darn it.


The cold fog had rolled in so we kept all the gear on to stay warm


We headed back to the campground to meet Gus and Stephanie. They were coming to visit and “camp” with us in their sweet Airstream.

Jessica and I made a nice Italian dinner in the coach, YUM!


We made sauce from scratch, fresh bread, grated parmesan. This is camping!

The kids are SOOOO cozy in the motorhome:


Sunday would prove to be another perfect day and we made sure to head out a little earlier to the ocean:

photo 4 (2)

The whole darn bay in a panorama.

photo 1

Getting artsy with the local pier.


Yes I really am this beautiful!

And on the coast:


Jess took this with her Lumix LX7. She is so talented 🙂


I love days like these

Sadly we had to go home and Chloe did NOT want to go! Look at this sad face:


I love camping!


Non stop fun makes the kids so tired.