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Nevada County Woodriders 2017

Posted by on September 23, 2017

This is our 4th or 5th year doing the Nevada County Woodriders Dual Sport ride.  Always a great time.  This year, there wasn’t as big of a turnout as years passed.  I believe it was due to the difficulty of the trails.  The trails were the same as the previous year.  Scott and Jason decided to join us on this ride.  Cesar was supposed to make it down from Eugene but work got in the way.  Bummer!  

We stayed at Diablo Campground again.  This campground is just down the road from the camp where we would join the rest of the riders.  We were up and at em early and made our way down.  It was really cold, REALLY cold.  

We began the trek up the road to the cutoff to the trail.  I was a little hesitant still because of my new bike but I did pretty well.  A few hiccups here and there but what’s the fun if you don’t drop the dirt bike at least once, or twice, or…. :). The good thing is that the bike is light enough that I can pick it up myself (for the most part).  A the “V,” I decided I would bail out and head back to the RV.  I am sure glad I did because Scott said the rest was pretty treacherous.  We had both bailed out last year at the “V” but Scott was ready to take on the rest of the trail.  So Scott, Scott and Jason headed on through.  Scott didn’t realize but he video’d about 1 hour of trail riding.  He got some great video of the treacherous trail.

Scott and I went and had lunch at the Woodriders camp and ended up scoring once again on a lot of swag.  We cleaned house last year from all the tickets that we bought.  We came back this year with quite a bit of stuff too.

We cooked a great spaghetti meal for all of us.

The next day, we decided to take it easy but we wanted to show Jason and Scott around so we took them to Sardine Lake and up to Mills Peak Lookout.

Mills Peak Lookout

Sardine Lake

Who has seen an actual payphone these days? And it actually works

It was a great time but I think the Woodriders will be at a new location next year due to the lack of interest.  Always look forward to these rides.