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SeaCliff State Beach Camping 2017

Posted by on October 8, 2017

We book SeaCliff for a Thursday-Sunday, so we can get the most out of the distance it takes to get there.  It always begins where I will go home, get the motorhome and dogs and meet Scott somewhere, we will load his motorcycle and we will be on our way.  This didn’t seem to happen as smoothly this time as I would have hoped.  Thursday when I arrived home, I finished packing and loaded the dogs.  As I closed to door to pull out of the driveway, I didn’t hear the steps retract.  So I put turned off the engine, opened the door and fiddled with the stairs to get them to retract.  To my surprise, nothing I did would retract the steps.  I called Scott and he tried to walk me through a few scenarios, nothing worked.  He rode all the way home, he couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  By this time, it was later into the evening and we were exhausted.  We would not be heading to SeaCliff tonight unfortunately.

We woke up the next morning and called the mobile RV guy.  He came to the house and figured out the issue.  He had to order the part but we were able to manually retract the steps so we could head to SeaCliff.  

No matter where you are, you always have to have a tasty lunch

We made it that afternoon but now lost about day at the beach.  Bummer.  It was such a beautiful day when we finally made it to the beach.

Beach Sunsets are always beautiful here

We walked to the local coffee shop the next morning with the dogs

and for lunch, we decided to ride over to Aptos to have lunch.  We really enjoyed ourselves, with a view and a local singer.  

And they use cardboard straws!

We rode back to camp on the dirt bike…

and took a nice walk on the beach with the dogs.

Exhausted after a run on the beach

Just can’t get over the sunsets here

Saturday evening, we met up with some friends for a nice dinner in Aptos.

And we made the journey home..

Until next time SeaCliff!