Sunday Drive to Muir Beach & Mill Valley

We decided to take a nice, leisure Sunday drive to Muir Beach and Mill Valley.  We visited the Green Gulch Farm Zen Center which was beautiful.

Photos of Zen Center Here

We had an awesome brunch/lunch at the Pelican Inn.  The restaurant daily menu is a hearty blend of country English fare that included bangers & mash and shepherd’s pie.  They had a great variety of cheeses also.  Very tasty.  We took a stroll from there to the beach.  It was a beautiful day.

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4th of July Camping – Graeagle/Clio

It seems to be an annual tradition that we have 4th of July at the Rivers Edge RV Park.  This is our “go-to” place for some great camping.  Ted joined us this trip.

Graeagle puts on a great fireworks show.

Fireworks Photos Here

Graeagle also puts on a parade which was a lot of fun.  Bob and Pat (whom we have friended at the park) really wanted us to come watch the parade and live music with them.

Parade Photos Here

They have become some great friends of ours.  That evening, we were able to get tickets to see an old country star, Lacy J Dalton.  That brought back a lot of old memories of me singing her songs.  Love her now as much as I loved her then.

Concert Photos Here

That evening, Bob and Pat had us over for Happy Hour.  They love to entertain and we love to have them entertain us.  They are knows as the Bickersons.  They have been married for over 50 years and are so adorable.



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Ducati West Coast Meet 2017 – Topaz

Our annual Ducati West Coast Meet was in Topaz Lake.  We booked the Topaz Lodge and had a great group of guys (I am always the only girl).  The last few years, we have taken our motorhome, but this year we decided to ride.  I am really glad we did, like old times.  We made it to Topaz pretty late that evening.  When we arrived, there were about 4 others that had arrived early.  We hung out with them for a bit until it was time to turn in.  The next day, we decided it would be fun to take Sonora Pass over to Sonora to have some lunch at Diamondback Grill.  This was a great ride with some amazing roads.  There was a total of 5 of us (Scott, Jess, Victor, Bill and John).  We came back the same route because it was very warm.  

Photos of Riding Here

That evening, John (RedPato) and his son cooked up some delicious burgers for us at the hotel.  We sat around and chatted with all the guys until it was time to turn in for the evening.  We would be up early to meet for breakfast and decide on another ride route.  Today we decided that we would ride to have a little lunch in Lake Tahoe.  We would take Monitor Pass, through Kirkwood and down to Tahoe.  We had a great lunch at the Riva Grill with everyone (total of about 10 guys).  Then we would head back over Monitor back to the hotel.  The ride back was some of the best riding I have ever had on my RR.  I was in such a groove that I left all the boys in the dust.  Sorry boys!

Photos of Monitor Pass Here

Photos of Last Day Ride Here

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Havasu Falls, Arizona Trip

This trip is one of those “Once in a Lifetime” trips…  We booked this trip with our great friends Jill and Justina.  We flew to Phoenix, where they picked us up at the airport.  We spent the afternoon hanging out with them and then we drove to Sedona where we had a great dinner and took in the breathtaking views.  

Sedona Photo Here

We knew we needed to be up pretty early to drive to the Havasupai Trailhead to meet up with the group.  We were there bright and early as we knew we had a 10 mile hike into the Falls.  It began at about 8am and we were off… boy were we in for a treat.  

Trailhead Photo Here

Honestly the 8 miles into the village did not seem like 8 miles, the first 1/4 of the way was downhill and the rest was pretty flat through the creek beds and beautiful picturesque landscapes.

Photos of hike Here

We made it to the village where we stopped and checked in with our group, BG Wild, who we would have dinners with, hike with, hangout with.  It was a great group of folks who we got to know very well throughout the trip.  From the village, it was another 2 miles or so into camp.  This was still mostly downhill/flat area (we thought to ourselves, it was a good thing we got the helicopter ride out of the canyon).  We came upon our first set of Falls and couldn’t believe what we were seeing.  This was beautiful turquoise waters…

Photos of Falls Here

Right before our camp, Havasupai Falls showed all its glory to us.  What a beautiful site this was..

Photo of Havasupai Falls Here

We made it to camp and found our spot to set up our tent.  This is a first come, first served area.  BG Wild does have a group area where we all congregated for meals (#1 camp in Supai).  The guide, Mikey, is a health nut who has his own Paleo food company, so he provided us with scrumptious breakfasts and dinners throughout the trip.  The downside was that lunch was not provided, but when you are out on the trail all day, it is hard for them to provide you a lunch when you don’t all stay together.  They do provide you with lots of snacks to take with you.  The next day, we decided to take a long hike to Mooney Falls and beyond to Beaver Falls.  When we arrived at the steps to descend to Mooney Falls, we didn’t realize that you would be descending down through rocks and ladders held on by chains.  It was quite intimidating at times but was surely worth it to see the breathtaking views…

Photos of Mooney Falls Here

Once we made the full descent, we waded in the beautiful waters and got to know some of the other peeps in our group.  We met two awesome chicks from San Francisco, Julie and Sophie and met an awesome couple, Jessica and Andrew from Colorado, along with a few others that were traveling as couples and as singles.  Mikey our guide was a hoot, along with Marisa, the massage therapist.  

We then continued on through the plush trees and landscapes that took us to Beaver Falls.  We would have never guessed this amazing landscape could be in the middle of the Grand Canyon Basin.

Photos of Beaver Falls Here 

The evenings sitting around chatting with our new friends was surely a highlight of our trip.  Getting to spend a few days with Jill and Justina and getting to know many new people was a treat.  We listened to great stories and it was so nice to meet people from all over the US, who have now become great friends of ours.

The last evening, we thought it would be great to go take some night shots of Havasupai Falls.  Come to find out, Ricky planned to propose to his long time girlfriend at the Falls that evening. Scott took some amazing night shots of the Falls.

Night Shot of Havasupai Falls Here

Our last day was an early morning.  We decided before the trip, that we would take a helicopter out of the canyon instead of hike back out.  Come to find out, it is a first come, first serve to get a helicopter ride.  We were up at about 4am to make the 2 mile hike to the village where we would stand in line to sign up for the helicopter (helicopter ride out of the canyon is approx 10 minute ride).  We were pretty close to the front of the line when THE local that you sign up with showed up.  This is when everyone swarmed him and that is when we realized that it is a free for all and there is no line.  We ended up 4 pages back on the sign up sheet.  We expected to be the 5th flight out, at most the 10th flight out of the village since we were so far up in line.  It was a cluster and the biggest shit show ever.  We ended up sitting around ALL DAY and not getting out of the canyon until about 3:30pm.  And we still had to drive to Phoenix to make a flight back home.  We ended up missing our flight but we were able to get on the later flight, thank goodness.  The upside of missing our flight, we were able to hang out with Sophie and Julie at the airport for bit before our flight.

All in all, it was a great trip with great friends.  Word to the wise…. Hike out of the canyon next time, you will make it faster than the helicopter, wear moleskin on your feet so you don’t get blisters and wear the best hiking boots possible so you don’t lose 3 toenails.

UPDATE: It is now November 2017 and my toenail has not fully recovered and is still growing back :/

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Skiing at Squaw Valley

We have Sierra passes for the ski season.  With the pass, they give you 4 tickets to Squaw/Alpine.  We decided that there couldn’t be better weather than today.  Clear blue skies with a crisp breeze, we couldn’t resist.  What a beautiful day it was.


Photos to come…

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Daffodil Hill Motorcycle Ride with Ted Shred

Always a good time with Shredder.  We decided it was a beautiful day for a motorcycle ride.  When I first started riding motorcycles, we attempted a ride to Daffodil Hill.  That actually never happened due to my first motorcycle crash.  Fast forward about 10 years and I finally made it to Daffodil Hill.  It was a great motorcycle ride and such a beautiful day.  Here are some photos of Daffodil Hill.

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Death Valley National Park, March 2017

This annual Death Valley trip is one for the books.  With some awesome friends who travelled from afar, to so many awesome rides and trails, it was surely a trip to write home about.  So many beautiful landscapes, some picturesque moments and what is a dirt trip without some gnarly crashes.  We have some amazing photos to share with you.  Sit back and enjoy.

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Chris Botti at the Crest Theatre

Since we saw Chris Botti in San Francisco at SF Jazz and he put on a great concert, we couldn’t resist and had to purchase tickets to see him in Sacramento.  He was playing at the Crest Theatre in downtown Sacramento.  We went with our friends Stephanie and Gus, who also saw Botti in SF with us.  Always a great time with them and who can pass up a Chris Botti concert.  Special Guests were Sy Smith and Carolyn Campbell (violinist).

Sy Smith

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Trip to LA to see Renate/Disneyland

We met Renate on our first scuba diving trip to Indonesia.  We have kept in touch with her and Toigier ever since.  She contacted me and said she was coming to LA in February, so Scott and I booked ourselves a weekend in LA for a visit.  We hung out and over some breakfast, we decided to hit up Disneyland since Renate had never been.  Here are a few photos from the day!

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Chris Botti SF Jazz/8 Year Anniversary Weekend

Since we had seen Chris Botti in the past and he puts on one hell of a performance, we couldn’t help but go see him again at SF Jazz.  It also happened to be our 8th Anniversary weekend, so we indulged.  Stephanie and Gus also purchased tickets to see Chris Botti, so we enjoyed the evening with fine food and good friends!

We got a night room with a view.

Our beautiful hotel.. The Fairmont.  There is a great story behind this hotel for Scott’s parents.  This is where they went on their honeymoon ___ years ago.  Below you will see the receipt that Scott still has from a scrapbook that his mom made of their honeymoon photos and souvenirs.    

This receipt was in the scrapbook.  Look at those prices back in _____.  When we checked into the hotel, we asked if we could get repeat pricing.  The hotel staff was amazed at the receipt and asked to keep it.  Good thing we had a copy.  They unfortunately were not so inclined to give us this room rate.  But check out the cost for room ($6.00 per night) and parking too ($0.75 per night).

We went and visited the Tonga Room.  This is actually where Scott and I went for our first date, to San Francisco and the Tonga Room.

Our room with a view..

Chris Botti himself.. doing what he does best!

The AMAZING Sandy Cameron!  She really is a badass violin player!  

And the seats weren’t too shabby either! 🙂

Cy Smith!  What a voice this one has on her!

Sad to leave as San Francisco is always fun, eclectic and holds a special place… Until next time SF!

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