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Seattle Dirt Bike Training

Posted by on September 17, 2017

We were scheduled to have a dirt bike training class on Saturday, so we decided to fly up to Seattle on Thursday evening so we could have all day Friday to explore.  Scott has always wanted to visit the San Juan Islands, so we got in the car and headed that way.  We arrived mid day to the harbor, purchased our ferry tickets and jumped on the ferry.  This was a new experience for me as I had never been on a ferry that carried cars across to the islands.  The ferry ride was really nice and we were able to see a lot of area on the ride.  

When we arrived at Friday Harbor, we were very hungry and decided, what better place to have lunch than here… Very tasty food with some AMAZING views.

From here, we tripped around the town and explored for a few hours (can’t forget the Goat Cheese Cheesecake that Scott had) before getting our ferry ride back.

It was an early morning for us.  We got some breakfast and headed over to our Dirt First dirt bike training.  This was one-on-one training.  It was just Scott and I with one instructor for the whole day.  It was some of the best off road training.  He was very in tune to both of our needs and we learned so much.

We got sooooo dirty but learned how to turn smoothly while sitting and standing, riding over logs, riding on side bills, and the best part was learning how to slide going 25 miles per hour and braking.  Really enjoyed the class and can’t wait to take Level 3 with him.

That evening, we thought we should treat ourselves to a scrumptious meal with a beautiful view.

The next day, we headed back towards Seattle.  We were driving past Everett, WA when Scott mentioned Boeing.  So we detoured back and decided to take a tour of Boeing.  What an incredible experience that was.  No cameras allowed in the manufacturing bays but we were able to take plenty of photos.  What a treat that was.  

From here, we tripped our way into Seattle where we had some lunch in a shipping container (great food) and we took a tour of the market.  

From here, we walked around downtown Seattle.  We eyed a Starbucks Reserve and couldn’t resist.  We had never heard of the Reserve so we had to take a peek.  I am sure glad we did because this was an experience to remember.  One of the two in the US, they made Scott a Dark Chocolate Mocha and they made me a Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate.  WOW… I have to say, that was tasty.

From here, it was about that time to start heading towards the airport.  Throughout the weekend, I noticed one of our long time friends from one of our Indonesia vacations just happened to be in Seattle.  We hadn’t seen him in about 4 years, so we met him at his hotel for a few minutes.  It was great to see Anto.

This does conclude our Seattle adventures… Until next time Seattle…