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Outlaw RV “Barely Get Acquainted” Tour

Posted by on November 3, 2012

It is the first day of our adventure to RV Across America and has been very hectic. We arrived in Orlando at about 6:00am local time and decided the 3 hours of sleep on the airplane was just not enough to be traveling safely between both coast of Florida so we settled in for an additional 3 hours of sleep at the local Doubletree. It felt good to recharge and have a shower so it was a good call.

We were on the road by 11:00am with a stop at McDonalds for oatmeal and ready to take on central Florida. We drove through Tampa Bay and arrived at Sky Powersports in Port Richey about 1:00pm to pick up a used Yamaha XT250 we found on Craigslist. The point of this bike was twofold, one is to have something to putt around when the RV is parked and two is a little something to play with in the dirt. Once we got a couple of helmets and sorted our routes we were off in separate directions… Jessica going to see her nephews that lived 12 miles north and me trying to race to the RV dealership 75 miles away before they closed. I was unfortunately unsuccessful in arriving at a prompt time however our salesman (Scott) was kind enough to wait for me to at least hand me the keys and park the beast in a spot at their campground. I should mention that due to no tags on the new bike I was red lighted by a Florida State Trooper and have nothing but good things to say about my interaction with him. A truly understanding officer after explaining the new purchase and why there was no tags or plates on the bike.

The XT250:

Jessica and her nephews:

The Outlaw is everything I had hoped it would be, in excellent condition, comfortable, a new challenge to learn and understand and most important, an avenue to open more adventures for us. I would have liked to open the door for the first time with Jess but she did arrive shortly after I did and we walked through like two kids with a new toy. Because of our tardy arrival we will be doing the full walk through with the dealership and training session on Monday in AM.

Here is a photo of “The Beast”:

A kiss before heading inside!


We finished our day by heading back to towards Orlando to Winter Park, FL to spend some time with my brother Larry and his great family. Winter Park is a beautiful area that is similar to East Sacramento with many homes built in the 1920’s to 1940’s but there are lakes everywhere and stunning homes both on and near the lakes.

Pretty sure this dog thinks all dogs live this way:

Larry and my niece Torie:

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