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California Superbike School 2015

Posted by on April 3, 2015

This time I came to the school without Scott.  The school was at Laguna Seca in Monterey.  This is the same track that they hold the famous MotoGP.  I was pretty excited.  I left mid afternoon on Friday and drove down getting in at dusk.  I was late getting in but they did not have my name listed at the booth at the front where you check in so I had to walk the camp spots to find mine.  Once I found it, I got the motorhome situated and took a little putt-putt around to see where I needed to be at the crack of dawn.

6:30am came early but I was ready.  The sun was coming up and I surely needed a few rays as it was a brisk morning.  The bikes looked beautiful and ready for me!  This was Level 3 & 4 of the super bike school as I have done Level 1 & 2 in Las Vegas last year.



Loved coach Johnny!  Not only was he a great coach but he was persistent and helpful whenever I had an issue I wanted to work on.


The corkscrew!


Coming through the corkscrew



Level 3 was more about body positioning and how it can affect your cornering.  It is all about the angles 🙂  I learned so much that day and I must have done one hell of a job because Johnny gave me a Superbike token that is rarely given out.


For Level 4, I unfortunately was not able to have Johnny again as he was doing the video bike on Sunday, but I still had an awesome coach, Pete.  Level 4 is scoped towards what you feel you need to work on.  During the classroom portion, you would tell them what you felt you could work on, then you would go over it with the instructor and then you would go on the track with your on track instructor and work it out.  Pete was very thorough in helping me get down the few things I wanted to work on.

Pete following me through the corkscrew




At the end of the day, Pete walks up to me and says “I would give you another token because you did so well, but Johnny already gave you one.”  I said, “I surely wouldn’t complain if you gave me another one”. All in all, this was a complete success and I feel so confident and controlled on a bike.  Can’t wait to get my new S1000RR 🙂

Thank you Scott for this awesome gift!