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Willamette Festival 2014

Posted by on August 18, 2014

Every year, me and 5 of my girlfriends take a trip to a Festival.  Last year was to Stagecoach in Indio, CA by Palm Springs.  This year, I decided we should change it up a bit and head north to Brownsville, Oregon to the Willamette Country Music Festival.

And we are off….

Here are the 6 hooligans for this trip.  Jessica, Ong, Stephanie, Dusty Poppy and Kayla.

I don’t believe we had enough adult beverages…

Our pad for the next 4 days…

We had some fantastic chefs for our trip. Stephanie was the head chef (THANK YOU STEPH).  Ong made AMAZING egg rolls as you can see her slaving away in the kitchen.

The final product.. YUM.  Lettuce wraps and egg rolls.

The skies of Willamette

On our way to the festival.  Kayla Mae worked her magic to get us a ride from the RV to the shuttle.  There was a lot of lap sittin’ going on.

This was the first night in Willamette.  We unfortunately decided a little late to go check out what was going on at the festival.  They shut down earlier than we had hoped to get ready for the next few days of debauchery.

The next morning..  Isn’t Stephanie a sexy bitch, sporting her sweatshirt and cowboy boots (you asked for this one to be posted Steph)

Steph decided to get dressed and make us mimosas… TASTY!

A toast to a great time.  Maker’s Mark on the left, Milagro Tequila in the center and Fireball on the right.

Stephanie made some tasty pizzas.  We were spoiled this trip.

Enjoying our pizzas and a little down time before the big event.

It’s time for some country music.  Today we saw Montgomery Gentry and Gary Allan.

Rock on Kayla Mae

Gary Allan was amazing!

There is nothing like mimosas every morning.  CHEERS!

And onto the next block of concerts.  But first we must cheers to a great trip.

Ong and Dusty waiting for the concert to start.  Today was Ashley Monroe, Craig Campbell, Thompson Square and Eric Church.

Stephanie and Poppy

The clan

It’t not a Country Music Festival without some glow.

Some Eric Church

Day 3.  Poppy decided it was margarita time.

Today was Sara Evans and Blake Shelton.  We were sad that this was our last day but nothing like closing out the concert with a little (or a lot) of Blake Shelton.

To the girls of this trip.  It was a fantastic time.  There was a lot of reminiscing, lots of dust and dirt, great music and lots of memories made.  Until next time.